Full Breath Solution

Are you CPAP intolerant, or do you simply hate CPAP? We have one of the best alternatives for those who hate the CPAP machine! Full Breath Solution, is an FDA approved, sleep apnea, dental appliance. Full Breath Solution fits into your mouth, similiar to a retainer, allowing you to sleep in any position, yet still treating your sleep apnea and snoring.


  • 60% of all Americans snore.
  • 27% of all American couples sleep in separate bedrooms due to snoring.
  • 75% of those treated with CPAP are intolerant.
  • Sleep apnea deprives the brain from oxygen and can prove to be fatal.
  • Most medical insurance carriers will cover a large portion or sometimes all of the costs for Full Breath Solution.

Let us help you and your spouse finally get a good night’s sleep. Call or e-mail our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation.