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Relaxation Sedation Dentistry

relaxation sedation dentist in chino

Let your nerves and anxiety melt away with assistance of Sedation Therapy. The Celebrity Smile offers many ways to relax, ranging from: Oral, Topical, Inhalation, even I.V. Sedation!  We aim to please, so ‘Comfort’ plays an important role!

Intravenous (IV) Sedation is a technique typically found in large hospital or medical settings, where drugs are administered directly through your body’s bloodstream. This highly effective sedation technique allows your dentist to precisely control the amount of medication needed in a timely fashion.

Less than 1% of all General Dentist are certified to administer I.V. Sedation to patients due to strict guidelines. Dr. Forrest proudly offers I.V. Sedation at The Celebrity Smile (Dentistry in Chino, CA).


Veneers in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

Veneer Dentist in Chino


Some people are born with Small or Misshaped teeth. Your Dentist in Chino can correct this with veneers- that gives a permanent brilliant white appearance. Porcelain veneers reflect light, exactly like natural tooth enamel. Veneers are generally indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel. Enjoy the benefits of having the beautiful smile of your dreams while conserving your natural tooth’s structure.

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Teeth Whitening in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

Teeth Whitening in Chino

Teeth Whitening

Over the years, your teeth will gradually lose its enamel (your tooth's top layer coating) leading to yellow or discolored teeth. Smoking, drinking coffee, and eating staining foods accelerate this unwanted change. Getting your teeth professionally whitened can potentially lighten the color of your teeth by several shades! Your Chino Dentist will make Custom bleaching trays designed to fit only your mouth are included with a nighttime touch-up kit. Let’s reach your desired shade of white!

Crown Lengthening in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

cosmetic Dentist Chino CA

Crown Lengthening Surgery

Gingivectomy (Crown Lengthening Surgery) is the process of re-sculpting your natural gum line, to give your smile a better aesthetic appearance. Patients born with a gummy smile show less tooth structure. Your Dentist in Chino can Lengthen your tooth appearance, which will give you a Brighter and Wider desired smile, without any major cosmetic dentistry.

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Dental Implants in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

Dental Implant in Chino

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? No problem! With the advancement of dentistry, We can now place an Implant within the same general location of a missing tooth. The Implant placed by your Chino Dentist becomes an “artificial root”, to later fit your custom, lab-made replacement crown (tailored-fit to your mouth’s anatomy). Implants can be used to place teeth, bridges, and dentures alike !

Implant Supported Dentures * The Celebrity Smile

All in 4 dentist in chino

Full-Arch Smile

Missing all of your teeth? That’s not a problem either. Full-Arch Smiles are supported by 4-8 Reinforcement Implants. This omits the hassle of dentures slipping or falling out, while restoring your biting and chewing ability! Your NEW full-arch Smile created by your Dentist in Chino will give you a complete Celebrity Smile makeover. Smile, Chew, and Speak with confidence with your New Full Arch of Beautiful Teeth!


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Dental Crowns in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

Crowns In Chino


Crowns can serve a dual purpose: both Cosmetic, and Restorative treatments. Badly damaged teeth beyond rescue can be restored to its fullest potential using Dental Crowns. After the infection and decay is removed from the tooth, your dentist in Chino will bring your tooth to like-new conditions by placing a Porcelain or Zirconium covering over the restoration, blending cohesively with your natural smile.

Fillings in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

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A filling is the removal of the decayed portion on top or inside a tooth, then replaced with long-lasting material. We only use All-White Composite for our fillings- simply because our patients deserve the very best. Old Black Amalgam fillings are made with Mercury, which is an eyesore and questionably unhealthy. White Composite fillings when made the correctly by you Chino Dentist will last indefinitely, while renewing the natural appearance and function of the tooth.

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Braces in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

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For those born with ‘Crooked’ or “Misplaced’ teeth, there are multiple solutions to progressively straighten your teeth. Treatments such as Braces, Retainers, and Clear Aligners are used until your teeth are realigned to a desired position. You can choose from traditional or Clear Braces in Chino, while Invisalign™ and other clear removable aligners change in stages.

Dentures in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

Dentist in Chino

Dentures & Partials

All of us aren't so lucky to maintain all our natural teeth. Instead of being bound to a life gumming soft foods forever, getting Dentures can be both a Cosmetic and Physiological advantage. Your Dentist in Chino can make A “Partial” (appliance to replace two or more missing teeth), and/or “Dentures” (made to replace an entire arch).

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Gum Treatment * The Celebrity Smile * Dentist in Chino

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Gum/Periodontal Disease

A mouth maintained by poor brushing & flossing tactics can lead to more than just bad breath. Without good oral hygiene and routine checkups, it’s easy to accrue Plaque buildup- which leads to Calculus and Poor Gum Tissue. “Calculus” is multiple layers of hardened plaque (typically a yellowish tone) found at or below the gumline. Subgingival (Under the Gumline) infections are cleansed by your Chino Dentist using tools reaching areas a toothbrush can not.

Bridges in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

dental bridges in chino

Dental Bridges

A Dental Bridge is exactly what it sounds like! It is used to “bridge the gap” between missing teeth using artificial tooth counterparts. The closest teeth next to the gap are used as posts to anchor the bridge in place. Implants can also be an option to permanently keep the Bridge in place. A beautiful Zirconium or Porcelain Bridge made by your Dentist in Chino can give you The Celebrity Smile you're looking for!

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Root Canal * The Celebrity Smile * Dentist in Chino

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Root Canal

A Root Canal (Endodontic Therapy) is a way of preserving your natural tooth when you have extensive decay. ‘Decay’ is an oral disease found within your dental Pulp (where your tooth nerves and blood vessels live). When this area is inflamed or infected, your tooth can become very painful. The Chino Dentist will Anesthetize and Isolate the infected tooth, Medicate the Root, remove the infected portion, and finally reseal the root to relieve the pain.

Teeth Cleaning in Chino * The Celebrity Smile

Teeth Cleaning Dentist in Chino

Check-ups & Cleanings

Finally, the visit that’s most important- your biannual Preventative appointment! Staying on top of your oral health has its physiological, psychological, and financial advantages! Visiting The Celebrity Smile and your Primary Dentist in Chino for biannual check-ups will include: A thorough Teeth Cleaning, Evaluation for plaque and/or infections, possible x-ray recall series, And a big warm welcome from the doctor and his assistant!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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