Relaxation Sedation Dentistry

relaxation sedation dentist in chino

Let your nerves and anxiety melt away with assistance of Sedation Therapy. The Celebrity Smile offers many ways to relax, ranging from: Oral, Topical, Inhalation, even I.V. Sedation!  We aim to please, so ‘Comfort’ plays an important role!

Intravenous (IV) Sedation is a technique typically found in large hospital or medical settings, where drugs are administered directly through your body’s bloodstream. This highly effective sedation technique allows your dentist to precisely control the amount of medication needed in a timely fashion.

Less than 1% of all General Dentist are certified to administer I.V. Sedation to patients due to strict guidelines. Dr. Forrest proudly offers I.V. Sedation at The Celebrity Smile (Dentistry in Chino, CA).