Article by: Dr. Arthur T. Forrest

Dental Fears

Well did it happen again this week? Did you find yourself in the situation where you wanted to smile freely and couldn’t. Were you embarrassed about some aspect of your smile? Did you use your hand to hide some aspect of your smile? Did you say to yourself that now is the time for you to at least find out what would it take to correct your smile?  Are you finally at the stage that you want your smile to be the way you want? Just why did you wait so long, is a question that even you don’t have a good answer. Well today’s article is about the main obstacle that has been preventing you from getting the cosmetic treatment that you deserve. Many would first give me the answer as being the cost or money. Others use the lack of Employer Provided Benefits (dental insurance) as the excuse.

What is your reason for putting off getting the needed dental corrective treatment that you want to have for yourself? Have you really sat down and truly answered that question. I mean have you answered this question with your real reasons and not just one of those quick replies. Chances are that you don’t really know the answer. Well over the years I have found that the real reason is quite often “fear”.

Fear of having pain, fear of unknown results, and fear of the cost benefit ratio. After all, many of you have tried to correct your smiles yourself with increased brushing, only to have the process seem hopeless without professional cosmetic corrections and makeover.  It was also that fear of the unknown that kept you from seeking the care of a “Cosmetic/ Esthetic dentist. Fear that you may not receive the end results that you wanted is also one of the “fear” reasons. The cost benefit ratio is an important part of the “fear cycle.  Will you feel satisfied with the benefit after the treatment is again one of the fears. Finally the big one, fear of having dental pain is an ever-present concern for many individuals. These fears are many times stopping you from having the smiles and fun in life that you deserve.

Today in this article I want to let you know that there is true caring and concerned dentists like myself and others who can help you through these fears. We as caring “Cosmetic dentists” want you to have a pleasant experience with receiving corrective cosmetic care. Myself and other caring dentists know and feel your apprehension and can help you to overcome these fears with gentle care and true understanding of what your desires and needs are all about. We can help you to feel comfortable about your treatment with many before and after photos of very happy completed patients. Today’s dentistry is about caring about you as our patient. Cosmetic dentistry is about creation, not destruction or losing. Fees are a necessary part of any transaction where value is delivered. No fee is acceptable where anticipated value is not received. The Invitation has been spoken before. Now is the time for you to take the next step towards the rest of you life with a beautiful smile that shows your true inward self. A smile that you can flash and show with pride in any social situation. The starting of your new and radiant smile is only a phone call away. Don’t wait! Now is the Time! Remember this thought, You deserve nothing Less than the Best!


In the Name of Better Dentistry


Dr. Arthur T. Forrest D.D.S.

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist

Fellow in thePierreFauchardInternationalDentalHonorsAcademy