Get your Dental Implant in Chino


The field of dental implants in Chino has been steadily evolving to finally arrive at this new age concept. I learned from Dr. Paul Petrungaro, a leading Minnesota implantologist, a clinical technique that allows for faster, almost unbelievable speed, of healing recovery that has been discovered through the use of microbiology research. It seems that our OWN bodies create specialized components found in our own blood, cellular fragments that cuts-down the normal functional Osseointegration time, (time that the dental implant needs to lock or fuse anchor itself to the host’s surrounding bone).

A centrifuge can isolate your own needed PRF (plasma rich fibers) into a concentrated, “good material” antibodies. Because it comes from your own blood, your body readily accepts this growth material (PRF) without any rejections or foreign body type reactions. Enough of the academics, what does this mean to you and I, the patient? It means that on select cases, we (The Celebrity Smile, Cosmetic Dentistry) can sometimes place a tooth implant on the same day as a tooth extraction! 

Dr. Arthur Forrest, Your Top Implant Dentist in Chino has been placing implants for the past 25+ years. Feel comfortable and at ease during your treatment with the addition of Relaxation Sedation. Dr. Forrest is part of the 1% of General Dentist that can administer I.V. Sedation Dentistry any day!

Is Getting a Tooth Implant Right For Me?

There is no case that is too severe for The Celebrity Smile. All cases- ranging from simple implant placements, to more intricate cases including Grafting to replace bone loss, or Sinus-augmentation surgeries to create necessary space for implant placement can be done. In fact, Dr. Forrest holds a US Patent for Sinus Lift surgeries techniques. (Look it up on Google: “4ST Sinus Patent” 😁)

If a tooth has to be removed due to misfortune (breakage), the chances are now good that an Immediate Implant can now be placed. If you have any teeth missing, PRF and dental implants replacement has just moved up the stakes as to question, “Why are you still waiting to get replacements?” 

The science of a perfect smile has finally caught up to your dreams. The Celebrity Smile Dental Implants, veneers and cosmetic makeovers can change your smile destiny. Remember it’s your life, live it to its fullest. Also remember, as always, you deserve nothing less that the very Best! 

In the Name of Better Dentistry,

Dr. Arthur T. Forrest, D.D.S.

The Celebrity Smile Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist